About Us

Perfect Imperfections Boutique & Design is made up of varies elements. Designed specifically from the heart with passion and for a purpose!  I want to bring more happiness to the community by offering unique services that are designed to make not only you happy but, your life easier!

Building together is my philosophy on reaching and achieving your dreams and goals. By working with various crafters, artists, bakers, woodworkers, and more, we can bring you a shop full of handmade and homemade items that are all distinctive and one of a kind in their own way.

The Perfect Spray Tanning Salon is made up of all natural, paraben free, allergen free, organic solutions to create the perfect glo. With five shades available, we are confident to build the perfect tone you desire! Rest assured our tans are always bronze and never orange, streaky, or sticky! Our salon also offers a wide variety of products to make your glo last even longer, leaving you with bright glowing skin as if you were just kissed by the sun!

The Perfect Event Center is the ideal spot to host mostly anything you can think of.  Some ideas would be a craft party, kids craft parties, family gathering, birthday party, sport gatherings, award ceremonies, business meetings, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelor parties, card parties, football parties, and the list goes on!

In addition to the staples of our shop we will continuously be striving to add features to better serve our community while building together!